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UV/LED Gel Polish - Spice

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12ml Bottle of UV/LED Gel polish

All our gels are 100% pure gels (not hybrids), are manufactured in the EU and as such are fully compliant with all cosmetic regulations.

  • HEMA free
  • Highly pigmented 
  • Medium viscosity
  • Cures 120s in UV and 90s in LED (Our gel polishes have been manufactured to use and fully tested with a 48w UV/LED lamp)

Instructions for use

Prep the nail by pushing back cuticles and removing any dead skin from the nail.  Etch the nail plate with a 150 grit file to give the gel a rough surface to stick to. Dust off the nail, cleanse with Tia's Beauty Nail Prep spray and for problem lifters you can use Tia's Beauty brush on Dehydrator.  Allow the nail plate to fully dry before going in with the base coat.

Apply a thin coat of base coat by scrubbing the base gel into the nail. Once the base is cured apply 2 thin coats of colour. The first coat of colour may shrink back from the free edge due to Gel naturally shrinking during the curing process.  If you see the product shrinking as you are applying it, apply on 1 to 2 nails at a time and flash cure for 5 seconds before moving onto the next finger. Ensure you cap each nail at the free edge with colour as this will help avoid shrinkage.  Also ensure you apply in thin coats.  Too thick layers of gel will not cure properly and the middle will remain uncured causing the thinner edges to shrink back.

Once the colour has been applied and cured finish off with top coat.